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The Nighthawks

Name: The Nighthawks
Founded: 1979
City: München
From Oliver Stephan:
The Specials played an important part in my musical life. When the 2-Tone movement burst on the scene in mid ’79, my band The Nighthawks had almost finished recording our debut album, which was already very reggae- and ska-heavy.
I interviewed Jerry Dammers and Horace Panter for German magazine Musik Express when they were in Munich for taping a TV appearance, and they said “Why don’t you come over to the UK with your band to catch our upcoming tour with Madness and The Selecter? We’ll put you lot on the guest list.” Met the lads again at Munich’s Sugar Shack club later that evening and drove an extremely inebriated Jerry Dammers back to his hotel before he got into any serious trouble.
When I told our producer Didi Zill of the Specials’ invitation, he said “Let’s go!”, looked at the 2-Tone Tour plan, chose Stirling University and Glasgow Tiffany’s, booked flights, hotels and rental cars for the five band members, our two roadies and himself, and off we went. Sought out the Specials backstage before both gigs, and sure enough, they got us in.
Got back to Munich much impressed, re-recorded our LP there and in Berlin, released it in early 1980, made no. 5 in the German charts, opened for The Clash and Bob Marley – and broke up not long after.



Band Members:

Around 300. With the Clash, Bob Marley, Devo, Eric Burdon, Inner Circle and the Specials.

06/11/1979 – Wien –



The Nighthawks, Motorama-Tiefgarage München, 1979.

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