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The Nicks

Name: The Nicks aka Hatmasters
Founded: 1987
City: Kempen
so how did the band come about back then? school band? hatmasters?
christian: That’s exactly how it was – as the school band “The Hatmasters” in 1987 in Kempen, rehearsal room next to the boiler room in the school. We were all infected with the ska fever of the 80s. We always only did ska. And then in 1989 we renamed “The Nicks”.

wasn’t there a demo tape 89/90 from you?
christian: Yeah, the demo tape “The Nicks”. There are only very few copies left and they are very popular, around 1,000 euros. That was the finest 8-track recording quality that we scrambled together next to the boiler room. I think they were 5 songs of their own, including milestones like “All You Black Ones” and “Woska”.

how were the concerts at the end of the 80s? where did you play everything?
christian: At the concerts there were a lot of rude boys and rude girls, red skins, trojan skins and whatever their names are. Hold a very active scene. At that time we played in Hanover (Korn), Heidelberg (swimming pool), Berlin (Blockschock), Frankfurt, Mannheim, Oberhausen and others. Oh yes, and not to forget the legendary “POPS” in Rickelrath. Actually, a village pin for all the Tommy soldiers from the barracks, but every few weeks there was a ska party with Two-Tone-Charlie. The scene came from near and far. The chip shop inside next to the dance floor was also great.

how many are still from the old band?
pepe: Only Andreas and Christian remain from the original line-up with it. Since our Mini-Cd we have a new bass man, Stephan and another Saxmann, Jörn. There were already 4 singers in total, but Basti is simply the best now.

can you tell a little more about that time ?!
christian: It was a great time. Such a real heyday of Ska in Germany, if you can even say that with Ska. At that time bands like Skaos, The Busters, Bluekilla and many more emerged. … and of course The Nicks. We didn’t really jump on the bandwagon back then, otherwise we might be a bit further ahead now. Have just failed to bring out a good album. Then we broke up in 1991 because people dispersed because of the federal government, civilian service, studies, work, etc. There was another revival from 1993-1995 with 3 – 4 local concerts, but that wasn’t much more.



Band Members:

2 times in Pops.

04/04/1988 – Birthday Party

??/??/1989 – Wattenscheid – Falkenheim – With The Frits and Skaos
05/02/1989 – Mannheim – Hard Rock Club
16/12/1989 – Rickelrath – Pop’s
31/12/1989 – Berlin




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